Small -Slim Object Detection Area Sensor NA1-11

Small -Slim Object Detection Area Sensor NA1-11

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A minimum sensing object size of ø13.5 mm ø0.531 in will be detected by Associate in Nursing emitting and receiving part pitch of ten metric linear unit zero.394 in. Though being very slim, it's a large sensing space of one m three.281 foot length and a hundred millimeter three.937 in breadth. it's most fitted for object detection on a large line, or for detective work the dropping of, or incursion by, tiny objects whose travel path is unsure.


  • Conforming to EMC Directive
  • UL Recognition(Excluding 5 m cable length type)
  • Emitting and receiving element pitch: 10 mm 0.394 in
  • Just 10 mm 0.394 in thick
  • Globally usable
  • No synchronization wire